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New World Empires Wiki covers two mods created for Rise of Nations, each of them sharing the same technology and upgrades system with only changes to flavour.

Traits of the mods

  • Cities: Cities are costlier to build, and require exorbitant wealth amounts.
  • Morale: Morale makes a reappearance again, once more. Low morale units cannot be used for scouting, and are very vulnerable to covert operations, especially Bribery by Spies.
  • A unique tech tree. As before upgrades and technologies for this mod are the same, but with one major exception: techs are not shared by all groups, religion and culture has an effect on them.
  • Unique building trees: some factions build Warrior Halls, while others rely on a Noble Residence. The difference lies in their tech requirements, and their costs.

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Our mods




Swords of the Prophets

Covering the period of 500-300BCE, Alexander forms a bridge between Warbirth and Kings & Conquerors. As it names suggests, it covers the civilisations that appear in the Alexander CtW for the vanilla version of Rise of Nations.

Another era, another empire, this covers the early Middle Ages and concentrates on one major nation - the Umayyad Caliphate. The period of this mod is 666-746CE, and covers the geographic scope of Rise of Kings - Europe, North Africa, and northern Eurasia.

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